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Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Project Objective:

After an extensive search, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center had identified and hired a new Vice President of Development to help the organization meet very aggressive fund development goals set by the Center’s Board of Trustees.  The organization had also allocated funds for a new marketing director role.

With such ambitious organization objectives, the Center did not want to put all of its efforts on hold until these two team members arrived.  MarketFitz worked with the Center to build an interim marketing plan that evaluated current activities, outlined how new and proposed marketing initiatives would support the Center’s specific business and financial objectives, and provided an interim operating plan for the organization’s marketing initiatives until the Vice President of Development and marketing director had joined the team.  In addition, the Center wanted to equip team members with a financially-oriented framework for evaluating new marketing opportunities that might arise after the plan had been completed, and before the new team members were on board.


MarketFitz interviewed key team members within the fund development team in order to better understand specific organization objectives relative to each target donor group, and to flesh out potential barriers to success.  Next, MarketFitz conducted a series of six Marketing Alignment Map workshops for the development and communications teams.  The resulting plan was compiled into a document housed in an Access database, which facilitated management by the organization’s new marketing director


  • A comprehensive master marketing plan for the firm
  • Marketing plans for each practice area
  • An outsourced marketing department to execute on and monitor progress against plans

About the Client:

The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is one of the world’s best-known research centers, focused on preventing, diagnosing and treating cancer, HIV/AIDS and other diseases.

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