Defining a strategic path to success.

University Mechanical ContractorsProject Objective:

The management team at University Mechanical Contractors, Inc. (UMC) was preparing to update its strategic plan. In order to reduce risk and improve potential returns, UMC wanted to understand how both UMC and the competition were perceived by their target markets, and what potential opportunities might exist for the organization to create a differentiated position relative to the competition.


MarketFitz was engaged to conduct market research to help the organization’s executive team meet its goal. Based on the organization’s business objectives and research requirements and the size and nature of the client base, MarketFitz recommended conducting a series of mini-focus groups comprised of decision-makers from current clients, prior clients, and prospective clients.
Over a two month period, MarketFitz conducted the mini-focus groups and compiled summaries of the interviewers’ observations. At the conclusion, the team reviewed the notes and audio tapes in order to compile a visual map of the customer’s decision-making process, their perception of the most significant competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, and UMC’s position in the competitive environment.
The visual map, a more detailed explanation of the terms and results, feedback relative to performance and suggested areas of improvement were included in a report for management review. MarketFitz also provided a PowerPoint presentation and briefing to the executive and senior management teams.
The results of the study allowed UMC to define a unique position within the market, and to craft a strategic plan to align and communicate the difference between UMC and its competition to a highly competitive marketplace.


  • Summary of results of 14 mini-focus groups with clients, former clients and target clients
  • Identification of the key factors used by clients during the purchase decision process
  • Visual map of the competitive environment against those factors
  • Specific feedback, based on client input, relative to current performance and potential areas for improvement

About the Client:

For over 100 years, University Mechanical Contractors, Inc. (“UMC”) has designed, implemented and serviced mechanical systems for some of the Pacific Northwest’s most complex and sensitive work environments.